Flipside Records (Pennsylvania - USA)

Deel hier interessante websites, tijdschriften, boeken.... over muziek, vinyl-platen en cd's
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Flipside Records (Pennsylvania - USA)

Bericht door Kilroy » 07 feb 2015, 09:43

De hemel bestaat!
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Not only do we house 2 MILLION Records, but we also have rare collectable items like, Jukeboxes, guitars used in concert by the band KISS, a lifesize Marilyn Monroe with the dress blowing up-originally a movie prop from "The Seven Year Itch", concert posters, dolls, patches, pictures, books, and so much more!

Just some of the rows upon rows of albums and 45's that we have in stock in our store.
Oh, and we also have thousands upon thousands of CD's

Flipside Records is located in the United States in the state of Pennsylvania

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Re: Flipside Records (Pennsylvania - USA)

Bericht door TKuppens25 » 08 feb 2015, 01:06

Begin dat maar eens in collectorz te zetten ;)

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