Warped Vinyl Flattener "Groovy Pouch"

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Warped Vinyl Flattener "Groovy Pouch"

Bericht door Kilroy » 12 nov 2014, 19:30

The Groovy Pouch is a dedicated, "use anywhere" heat source for the Vinyl Flat. Just slip an assembled Vinyl Flat into the pouch, seal the Velcro opening and plug in the included DC power supply.

Our new 2014 version features a larger design that heats slightly warmer than our original version for faster flattening. The power supply has also been upgraded.

The pouch uses high-tech carbon fiber heating elements to surround the Vinyl Flat with gentle, even heat. The pouch is a safe way to repair records because it operates at a lower temperature than a kitchen oven, reducing the possibility of heat damage to your valuable records.

The pouch is also an energy efficient ("green") solution because it uses low-voltage DC power, consuming a fraction of the power that is typically used by a kitchen oven. The included power supply operates on worldwide voltages from 110 to 240v.

Afbeelding Afbeelding

- A Safer Way to Fix Record Warps and Dishes
- Surrounds the Vinyl Flat with Gentle, Even Heat
- Low-Voltage, Energy-Efficient Design
- Doubles as a Storage Case for the Vinyl Flat
- Power Supply Included
- High-Quality Black Synthetic Fabric Shell with Velcro Seal
- Designed in USA and Manufactured in China
- Limited 1-Year Warranty

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