Prana Crafter "MindStreamBlessing" (Cardinal Fuzz)

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Prana Crafter "MindStreamBlessing" (Cardinal Fuzz)

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An electric mantra from the deep heart of the Pacific Northwest woods, "MindStreamBlessing" beckons you to relax and crack open your mind for a little while.


Prana Crafter is Will Sol, practitioner of fine guitar spell-casting and audio fortune telling. A heady brew of guitar, drums, and organ that traces its majestic lineage from both the wayward strains of a cosmic Americana blues and the rustling sunshine daydreams of a future primitive past. The tunes contained herein drift and sway through the windmills of your mind, leaving the sweet aftertaste of pine and ocean mist. Accept this MindStreamBlessing as a balm for these troubled times.

Limited to 500 copies: 300 Black (this) and 200 Pink/green swirl.

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