Help us collect all the Belgian record shop stickers

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Help us collect all the Belgian record shop stickers

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During the coming months we are digging deep into the rich history of Belgian record stores. Coming up: interviews with protagonists, pictures of long forgotten shop spaces and funny detailed anecdotes. Remember Music Man, Diki Records, USA Import, JJ Records, …?

But first we try to bring back alive every record shop that ever existed by creating a database of vinyl stickers. Every record collector who goes digging for second hand records, knows what we are talking about. These stickers, now fallen into abeyance, used to be the trademark of every shop and sticked to every record sold. They do not only make a great memory of a long lost time, they were often also very well designed and therefor make a stylish artefact of a record shop that ceased to exist but will never be forgotten.
Help us to collect all the Belgian recordshop vinyl stickers to remember every record shop that ever existed in our country. Take a picture of the stickers on your own records, use the hashtag #belgiumvinylsticker and share on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (feel free to tag us).

The result? Check our overview page.

The idea to share vinyl stickers was initiated by Richard De Muijnck and Michael De Wilde. The duo started posting pictures of stickers about 5 years ago on their Harde Smart Instagram account and contacted us to join forces. Richard De Muijnck: "It really is a lost art. Most of those stickers look dope, they are small graphical masterpieces with a huge nostalgic value. And I noticed that many people tried to remove the stickers during the years, but failed to do so. They are stubborn memories of the record shops who sold the records years ago."

Read our collectors interview with Richard De Muijnck here.

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