‘Ape On Sunday’ by White Manna (Cardinal Fuzz)

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‘Ape On Sunday’ by White Manna (Cardinal Fuzz)

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Cardinal Fuzz are proud to present to you Ape On Sunday – the 6th Long Player from Artaca, California’s White Manna. Recorded over a period of time that saw front man David Johnson return home to Massachusetts to spend time with his family after a traumatic event.


While away Dave and Anthony (back on board fully for this new LP) tackled the recordings they had started while Tavan and Johnny laid down the drum and bass tracks and Mike Dieter also rejoined White Manna to lay down some synth parts (honing a Klaus Schulze vibe). When Dave returned to Humboldt they at long last got down to finishing the LP. Ape On Sunday takes its inspiration and title from a Robert Zimmerman poem in his poetry book/novel – ‘Tarantula’ – a stream of conscious / cut up style prose from ’66.

You can feel how the life experiences over the last year have seeped, shaped and informed Ape On Sunday which is the bands most intimate release since Come Down Safari. It’s a heady hypnotic mix that at times plays like psychedelic meditations and at others like music for a post apocalyptic movie. The Redwood canopies of Northern California’s Emerald Triangle still influence White Manna but there sound here is heading out in a more experimental direction where the music is more ‘kosmische’ in style with sounds wreathed in mist and vapours, droning synths and shimmering guitars. Ape On Sunday finds White Manna re-entering the stratosphere and floating back down to the dense redwood forest of their homeland.

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