JMOOD Records Releases Roberto Magris Sextet Latest CD "SunStone"

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JMOOD Records Releases Roberto Magris Sextet Latest CD "SunStone"

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“Over a thousand years ago," jazz impresario Paul Collins states, “very talented sailors were able to navigate oceans and seas without the use of magnetic compasses and at the times even maps!"


Since then, scientists have discovered in sunken ships of long ago, what appears to be a magical crystal or Iceland spar, better known as sunstone. Despite heavy clouds, fog, other obstacles or devices used around the Polar Regions, these amazing sailors were able to find their ships position in relationship to the Sun, which, attributed to their amazing navigational success.

How did these “stones” (Iceland spar) only referred to in poems of ancient times, but, more recently discovered, assist in navigation?

When sunstone splits light in two polarized rays, what is seen has two levels of brightness (double fraction). When the sunstone is adjusted to where the brightness of both images are equal, then, the sunstone is found to be aligned with the Sun. That ability makes navigation much easier and in many different weather conditions. For example, even when the Sun is behind clouds! What a marvelous natural phenomenon!

When compared to stones, however, humans are far superior and even more amazing in what they can accomplish with singleness of design. With the music of SunStone, although two different creative individuals are involved with its design and features from different parts of the Earth, Roberto and I had a single vision; to create another great jazz project. But, this time using a new cast of truly amazing musical “sailors”! I implore you to search and discover what we have found together by means of music, musicians and a host of supporting shipmates!

This is our “SunStone”!”

About JMood Records:
JMood Records…A Sound Choice is an independent record label based in Kansas City, Missouri. Its mission is to create great music with audio clarity and compelling art. It looks at a world view that will create space for the label to grow, celebrate and compete in its own success. Each composition is hand crafted and the artists are selected for their musical talent, potential and contribution to the whole, which makes the music, teem with life! Our products follow similar patterns of other successful and creative types, artists, and entrepreneurs around the world. They are envisioned from beginning to end, as if each product is alive in our minds, hearts, then hands, as we welcome it to the world! Our products are available worldwide, on our website at, CD, Pandora Radio, and where fine quality audio products are sold around the world!


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