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10 Facts About Vinyl You Probably Never Knew

Geplaatst: 15 aug 2014, 11:51
door Kilroy
Admit it, nothing evokes that sense of old world glamour better than a vinyl record belting out a melody on a turntable on a quiet evening, with the lights dimmed and the rest of the day forgotten, letting the music take over.
Movies certainly don’t help – regaling us with images of carefully preserved vinyl records in perfectly maintained houses, standing as the ultimate sign of sophistication and good taste.

No wonder then that we yearn to experience the magic for ourselves, only to fall in love and wonder how on earth could anyone enjoy music without this timeless marvel! And now that you are in love with the vinyl,we’re sure you’ve embarked on a journey to find out as much as you can about it. So here we are, to help you in the endeavor…

1- The first vinyl LP (33 1/3 rpm) as we know them today was introduced in 1948.

2- In the olden days, designing the cover of a vinyl record was considered an art and designers competed to get their hands on a chance to create one of these.

3- Till last year, a man named Paul Mawhinney was dubbed as the world’s biggest collector of records, with the count standing at about 3 million. Mawhinney, who ran a music store, has been looking for a buyer for a few years now.

4- It has now come to light that a Brazilian with an aim to collect as many vinyl records as he possibly can, has struck a deal with Mawhinney for his collection. Zero Freitas, a businessman, is now reported to be the proud owner of this collection – to which he has added his other acquisitions as well.

5- Storing these records is an art in itself and the simplest way to do it is to put them vertically on a shelf or any other space. Stacking them up will ruin the quality and it will be impossible to salvage the ones lost due to this.

6- Colored vinyl is a unique item that is released in limited versions – some say these make them a collector’s item or even investment.

7- However, diehard fans will tell you that the good old black vinyl has a better sound quality because the color ones get damaged more easily and also attain more cracks.

8- Buying old, rare records can be a lucrative option as the value of these goes up over time and if needed, you can make a nice profit some day.

9- With vinyl coming back in vogue, it’s much easier to get ahold of vinyl. There are old school record stores still in business, new ones popping up, and the internet makes it easy to find whatever you’re looking for.

10- Also, several musicians and bands are producing their own records as collectors’ editions and the easiest way to find them is to go to their websites.

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