7 tips for getting the best sound from your vinyl

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7 tips for getting the best sound from your vinyl

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Not getting the best sound out of your vinyl record? Then it’s time to make some improvements. Liberate your record from all the dirt, dust, mold and fingerprints it has gathered from over the years, and give your equipment an upgrade. Here are 7 tips and products that will help you get the best sound from your records.
1. Music Hall Mat

For vinyl collectors, a music hall mat may be just the thing needed to improve sound. It’s a thin, lightweight cork circular matt, dotted with 12 isolated discs that are slightly elevated and support long playing. The cork material produces clearer sound with better detail and harmony, and you wouldn’t have to worry about dust and static.

2. Proper Cleaning

When you’re cleaning by hand, you want to use the best products. Apply liquid to a carbon fiber brush and gently run it across the record at an angle from inner to outer edge. While holding the brush, turn the platter counter clockwise to work out the dirt. Alternate between clockwise and counter clock wise, and scrape off any dirt using a wire pipe cleaning brush.

3. Sick of Static?

Consider getting yourself an anti-static gun like theMiltyZerostat 3. It looks a little quirky but past that it’s a great tool to help eliminate static, and keep your sanity. The anti-static gun releases positive and negative ions, which repel duct and lint, instantly and removes static electricity from LP’s.

4. Proper Storage

Vertically line up vinyl records on a shelf or record storage cabinet. Stacking records and laying them flat will only encourage warping of your collection.

5. Update Equipment

Don’t be afraid to spend money where it’s needed. A good cleaning will only go so far until you hear a decrease in sound again. Quality and properly functioning machinery will take your cleaning further and enhance sound.

6. Record Roller

A Record Roller is like a lint roller for your records. After using this, your record collection will be dust free, and shinier, too.

7. Record Cleaning Brush

Here’s something to compliment your antistatic gun. A record brush is another anti-static device and actively pushes out the debris while neutralizing your record player.

Using these tips and pieces of equipment you should be able to get better sound from your record collection.

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