Multisided vinyl records (something you can’t do with a cd)

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Multisided vinyl records (something you can’t do with a cd)

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Multisided (also called “double grooved”) vinyl record? What’s that? You know a record has one groove per side, but multisided records contain 2 or more grooves on one side of the record. It was and still is a way to surprise the listener with hidden tracks or alternate versions of known tracks.

But how can you “choose” which groove you want to play? The answer is simple, you can’t… Or you have a brilliant magnifier and a very steady hand.

A very beautiful example of a multisided record is Marillion’s album “Brave”. It’s a 2 LP concept album, and the second side of the second album contains 2 grooves. At first, the grooves are very similar, both grooves start with the track “The Great Escape”, only on one groove this track ends with the sound of rippling water, while the other groove plays the track “Made Again”.


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