Messages in Dead Wax (A Porky Prime Cut)

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Messages in Dead Wax (A Porky Prime Cut)

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Have you ever checked what’s in the dead wax of your vinyl records? All records have a matrix number, but sometimes you can find a lot more! Some records carry a message, for example, Porcupine Tree’s original “Signify” vinyl album has the following message in the dead wax: “The Brainwashed Do Not Know They Are Brainwashed”

There’s one person in particular who’s known for “writing” messages on vinyl records. His name is George Peckham, an English record cutting engineer. He has been responsible for producing the master discs from which many vinyl records have been pressed over the last 40 years.

So, already checking your records to find a message?

“A Porky Prime Cut”, one of George Peckham’s most used signatures.

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