5 Records Worth More Than Your Car

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5 Records Worth More Than Your Car

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It’s no secret that vinyl has taken on a new value in the past few years as music lovers everywhere find our inner audiophiles screaming out for that coveted analog warmth. That sentimental value pales in comparison, however, to the price tags accompanying some of the wax we’re looking at today.

1. The Quarrymen "That’ll Be The Day/In Spite Of All The Danger’ 1958 Original


In truth, the only way you’re going to find this one at a yard sale is if you’re at Paul McCartney’s house and he’s letting it go. The 1958 original version of this album is the only one in existence, recorded by The Quarrymen before most of them joined a popular little band known as The Beatles. With a cover of Buddy Holly’s “That’ll Be The Day” on one side and the original “In Spite Of All The Danger” on the other, this one was recorded by McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, drummer Colin Hanton and pianist John Duff Lowe, who owned the record until he sold it to McCartney in 1981.

Since there’s only one of these, the value is estimated to be between $180,000 and $200,000. Also extremely valuable is any one of the 25 reproductions McCartney made for his friends in 1981, each of which is estimated to fetch around $20,000.

2. Acetate LP by Velvet Underground and Nico (1966)


Believe it or not, someone did actually purchase this record for 75 cents in 2002. What he found out was that he had a rare acetate from 1966 of Velvet Underground’s debut album, only two of which are thought to exist. This gem was purchased by collector Warren Hill, who sold it in 2006 for $25,000 after a $155,401 offer ended up being fake.

This original record was recorded at Scepter Studios containing similar material to the final album but with different mixes on several songs and three songs with wholly different takes.

3. Bob Dylan’s 1963 “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” (Withdrawn Version)


Dylan’s second studio album, “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan,” saw the artist performing 11 original tracks of the 13 on the album, compared to only two original tracks on his eponymous debut. The album released in May of 1963 on Columbia Records, but just before it did, four of the songs were pulled and replaced with four new songs. And while the label sent new masters to the pressing plant and went on as usual, somewhere in the mix, a very small batch of the withdrawn version was pressed to vinyl.

According to reporting by RecordMecca, only 2 stereo copies and fewer than 20 mono copies of this extremely rare album have surfaced. The stereo versions carry an estimated value of about $35,000, with the mono versions bringing in about half that.

4. Sex Pistols’ 1977 “God Save the Queen” Single


Recorded in 1977 to be released on Herb Alpert’s A&M Records, this rare single was pressed before the band was dropped by the label and signed to Virgin Records. Copies of this single are valued between $12,000 and $20,000, if they still have the brown envelope and the press release intact.

The Sex Pistols went on to release the song as their second single and then include it on their only album, “Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols” in 1977 during Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee.

5. The Five Sharps’ 1952 “Stormy Weather” 78-rpm Single


Though doo-wop band The Five Sharps weren’t around for long, rare versions of their 1952 “Stormy Weather” single have come to be some of the most highly valued records around. The single was released on Jubilee Records after a session so modest that even the band members were said to have paid for their own copies of the record.

In 1961, a record collector brought the 78 to Irving “Slim” Rose at his record shop Times Square Records, and Rose borrowed the copy to play on his radio show. During that time, however, he broke it. To remedy the situation and appease his customer, Rose offered a $25 credit for a 78 and a $50 for the 45, but no one showed for weeks. When no one turned up, he went to Jubilee Records asking for a reissue and found that the master had been destroyed in a fire. Only three copies have ever surfaced, making this one of the most sought-after records of all time, carrying a value of about $25,000.

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Re: 5 Records Worth More Than Your Car

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nog just diene quarymen vastkrijgen en dan heb ik ze alle 5 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: 5 Records Worth More Than Your Car

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Dat treft, ik heb die net dubbel. Kom je met de auto even tot hier?

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