Best Kraftwerk cover ever....

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Best Kraftwerk cover ever....

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You can’t argue with a classroom full of cardboard robots....
So, you go into school one day and your music teacher says that you’re going to be working on a project for the next few weeks which involves learning ‘Roboter’ by Kraftwerk, and making your very own cardboard robot costume which you will wear while performing said cover version.

And then your teacher uploads the video to YouTube and then Karl Bartos notices it and reposts it. And then a well-known British magazine about electronic music posts it on their website, too.

It wasn’t like this in our day, etc…

The school is Lemmchen Grundschule in Mainz, and the teacher is Lars Reimers. Karl Bartos responded in the comments on YouTube thus:

“What hard-working robots! You’re great musicians! Such great music lessons, I would like to have had lessons like that. Greetings from Hamburg!”
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Re: Best Kraftwerk cover ever....

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Deze vind ik anders ook niet slecht:

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