Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine ViVac RCS2

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Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine ViVac RCS2

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The ViVac RCS2 Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine

You are only a few clicks away from owning one of the very best vinyl record cleaning machines on the market today. Read on to find out more or contact us today to see how our Range of Record Cleaning Machines can help transform your listening experience.
As Mark Osborn summed up when he reviewed the ViVac RCS2 record cleaning machine for the December 2015 Edition of Hi Fi World Magazine Read the full review here:

"There are many reasons that warrant using the RCS2 on a regular basis if not only to preserve your records and cartridge life. As a serious audiophile, this should be fundamental."

Thank you for visiting Pristine Vinyl’s ViVac RCS website. If you’re serious about vinyl reproduction and want to get the very best from your discs then please read on.

We are a UK based company who have designed and developed a range of very effective, high quality and simple to use vinyl record cleaning machines. Our flagship, the ViVac RCS2, is rapidly becoming the machine to own if you want to get the very best out of your precious collection so take a look below for a few of the benefits of ownership.

Fantastic cleaning results. Used with Pristine Vinyl’s Deep Clean Solution, the precision vacuum nozzle lifts dirt and contaminants from deep within the record’s grooves. As all contaminants are lifted up away from the grooves, there is no chance of impacting them, further damaging the record you are cleaning.

Prolong the life of your records and stylus. A well cleaned record will not only sound better but will sound better for longer. Dirt and dust are abrasive so the last thing you want to do is drag it round the grooves using a delicate and invariably expensive stylus.

A tried and tested method of cleaning. The ViVac vinyl record cleaning machine has been developed using a tried and tested record cleaning method that has been around for several decades. Using a precision nozzle and motorised vacuum arm, this has been the cleaning system of choice for radio stations, broadcasters and archivists all around the world for the last 40 years.

A safer method of cleaning. Dust and dirt are abrasive and applying pressure to the record’s surface using a brush or felt strip contaminated with dirt can easily lead to damage. By using a precision vacuum nozzle, only small forces are applied to the record’s surface greatly limiting any chance of damage.

A small attractive design. Allows you to leave it out by your system. If it’s set up permanently you’ll use it so no more scrabbling around the attic or under the stairs to dig your old vinyl cleaner out for the infrequent rainy Sunday cleaning sessions.

Simple to use. The machine comes out of the box ready to go and you’ll be cleaning records in no time. The ViVac RCS2 has a unique cleaning fluid application system which ensures that there is no waste and no mess.

It’s Quiet. Unlike some record cleaning machines, the ViVac RCS is quiet enough to listen to records while you clean. There is no more waiting for the neighbours to go out or being relegated to the garage or out-house.

It’s Quick. Taking about 3 minutes to clean an LP and when removed the record is dry enough to cue up and play. The ViVac RCS can also clean 7” and 10” records with no alteration or fuss.

Nothing Dirty touches the record. You wouldn’t clean your car with dirty water or a dirty sponge so why would you clean your delicate vinyl records in this way? Unlike most vinyl record cleaning machines that should have the brushes or strips replaced after cleaning every side of a record, the ViVac RCS relies on a precision nozzle raised from the record’s surface with a specialist thread. With each clean, the thread is replaced automatically ensuring no re-contamination can take place. In addition to this, the cleaning solution is never re-used so again, there is no chance of re-contamination.

Built to last. The ViVac RCS is built around a solid real-wooden plinth. Every element has been designed and selected to offer fantastic and reliable results. With engineering quality ball-race bearings, industrial motors and purpose made arm and platter, the ViVac range should offer years of trouble free service.

A choice of finishes. The ViVac RCS is available to buy in a wood, matt white or matt black finish as standard. Bespoke colours are available at an additional cost so if you have a particular colour scheme in mind, you only have to ask.

Price: £1,995 (RCS2 as tested), £1,795 (RCS1)
RCS1-RCS2 Upgrade: Expected to cost around £350
Manufactured by: Pristine Vinyl Ltd
Tel: +44(0)1837 871 288

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