Lotje 7" singles - ebay

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Lotje 7" singles - ebay

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Details about Lot of 45 rpm Records 45,000+ 3 Pallets - Rock, Soul, Pop, Promo Copies.
For auction is a lot of over 45,000+ 45s. These 45s are from a collector of over 50 years. Most of these are from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, while a small percentage are from the 50s and 90s. The genres represented in this lot are: Rock, Soul, R&B, Pop and a small amount of Country. Some of these are unsleeved and some are duplicates. Condition ranges from Good to Mint. I have included a random assortment of photos from the lot. The records are packed on 3 pallets and ready to ship. These records are stored in my warehouse space and must be shipped or picked up before October 31st when my lease is up. Again, these records MUST be removed no later than October 31st, 2014.

euh.... kan verzonden worden.... ;-)


Ebay - 09-10-2014

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Re: Lotje 7" singles - ebay

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tis verkocht voor 6200 $ , of omgerekend 10 cent het stuk.

zoals velen onders stel ik mij telkens de vraag: wat zit daar in ???

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