1957 Voice-o-Graph 45rpm 'direct-to-vinyl' RECORD MAKER!

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1957 Voice-o-Graph 45rpm 'direct-to-vinyl' RECORD MAKER!

Bericht door Kilroy »

This beauty is a 1957 model Voice-O-Graph made by Mutoscope International of Chicago, IL, US. Just like the earlier 1947 model (like the one that I got for Jack White), these are EXTREMELY rare to find in any condition today. This auction is for this first – and only – surviving 1957 model Voice-o-Graph operating anywhere in the world! Not only that – it is amazingly cool! The Voice-O-Graph has been a passion of mine for more than 10 years, and the interest generated by the 1947 record booth I got for Jack White has been a joy. This Record Booth is not only restored, it is more importantly UPGRADED to be a HI-FI 'direct-to-vinyl' automated recording machine that works much, much better than it ever did when it was new! An operating Voice-O-Graph Recording Booth becomes a destination in-and-of itself. The 1957 model was designed in the 1950s to have a robust, reliable internal mechanism (viewable by the user) to load, cut, play back, and deliver a custom record in just minutes – no waiting! Originally the 1957 Voice-O-Graph Record Booth operated at either 78 rpm or 45 rpm, and recorded for only 65 seconds at either speed onto a cardboard based record blank. As updated, we've focused on upgrading operation at 45rpm. At 45 rpm, it automatically records what has been called a 'direct-to-vinyl' plastic record. This booth currently makes a 65 second record, or if the winning buyer would prefer we can install a new motor to instead lengthen that recording time to about 3:10 in length! The booth includes an upgraded Shure 5575le ‘fat boy’ ELVIS stick microphone – just like the one he famously used at SUN STUDIO in Memphis. Included with the upgrade is a vintage VU meter to indicate a proper recording level - and a nixie tube counter to count down the recording time! The ORIGINAL translucent green, wavy fiberglass roof panel in this 1957 Voice-o-Graph so, so retro cool - it gives the lighting in the sound booth a bit of a 1950’s - 1960s space-age vibe! You may have seen the APPLE commercial run during the Holidays last year called "The Song" recorded in a 1947 Voice o Graph – just one of the many marketing possibilities with this 1957 VoiceOGraph record booth.
De aanbieding staat hier. Vraagprijs 98.500 $ (of beste voorstel).

euh.... geen verzending mogelijk met kiala ;-)

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Re: 1957 Voice-o-Graph 45rpm 'direct-to-vinyl' RECORD MAKER!

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wow dat is wel heel sjiek :D Jep, vroeger was (bijna) alles beter...

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