PAVLOV'S DOG - First Album From 1973 Rediscovered

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PAVLOV'S DOG - First Album From 1973 Rediscovered

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PAVLOV'S DOG - First Album From 1973 Rediscovered After 41 Years!
On Novemer 28th, the believed lost Pekin Tapes by St. Louis, Missouri-based progressive rock/AOR band, Pavlov's Dog, will be released via Rockville Music.

The Pekin Tapes were recorded in October 1973, nearly two years before Pampered Menial, and were originally intended to become the band's debut album. They fascinatingly demonstrate the variety and wide-ranging musical scope of the early Pavlov's Dog, as the band itself handled the production, with no outside producer to answer to.

When ABC Records listened to The Pekin Tapes, they signed the band and decided to send them back to studio to produce a completely new album: Pampered Menial was released in 1975 and became a milestone in progressive rock history. The Pekin Tapes though were never used and finally forgotten.

Golden Voice Studio in Pekin/IL burned down in 1977, taking with it the masters of The Pekin Tapes. They were believed lost since then. Unexpectedly, in 2014 a copy of The Pekin Tapes was discovered. After going to extensive lengths to restore the tape, The Pekin Tapes will be released with a delay of some 41 years. Additionally, the release includes four bonus tracks of early demo recordings from March 1973. These are the earliest Pavlov's Dog signs of life ever discovered.

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