New Prog Rock & Prog Metal Releases (frm new prog releases)

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Re: New Prog Rock & Prog Metal Releases (frm new prog releases)

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Closingtown Orchestra "Elillan" EP

Country: Multinational
Genre(s): Prog Folk
Format: digital
Release date: June 7, 2020

1. Wikileaks (6:24)
2. Bazsarózsa (Ghymes Cover) (6:50)
3. Rejtekutakon (5:16)

Total Time 18:30

Donato Civita - Clarinet
Erik de Leeuw - Drums
Dávid Katona - Guitar, vocals
Donát Kiss - Bass


Featuring travellers from Romania, Italy, the Netherlands and Hungary, Closingtown Orchestra is a boiling witch-cauldron of Balkan Gypsy music, Transylvanian folk, progressive rock and tongue-in-cheek tall-tales.


Rick Wakeman & The English Rock Ensemble "The Red Planet"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Instrumental Symphonic
Label: R&D MultiMedia
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: June 12, 2020 (digital), June 28, 2020 (CD, vinyl)

1. Aseraeus Mons (5:52)
2. Tharsis Tholus (6:16)
3. Arsia Mons (6:10)
4. Olympus Mons (5:20)
5. The North Plain (6:53)
6. Pavonis Mons (7:13)
7. South Pole (7:35)
8. Valles Marineris (10:02)

Total Time 55:21

Rick Wakeman (Yes, ABWH, The Strawbs) - Keyboards
Dave Colquhoun (DBA) - Guitars
Lee Pomeroy (It Bites, Archive, Headspace) - Bass
Ash Soan (Producers, DBA) - Drums


The album features 8 newly composed pieces, especially for this project, and harks back to Wakeman's critically acclaimed debut album “The Six Wives of Henry VIII” where there were 6 heavy keyboard pieces based around a central subject matter. It is a serious return to “Wakeman Prog”...
Rick has blown the dust off his favourite analogue keyboards and along with his with the latest keyboards, has used the same formula he devised when making his legendary albums “The Six Wive's of Henry VIII” and “Criminal Record.”

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